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Get all the best resources for your role as a Test Manager.

This is a collection of EuroSTAR’s finest software testing content in relation to Test Management.

The Test Manager’s role has changed in recent years with adaptions to Agile and new testing processes. These resources will help anyone reflect on the role of the Test Manager in Testing and offer support to get the best out of the role.


Test Management Webinars

How Manual Testers Can Help With Automation Efforts karen-johnson

Karen Johnson (Independent Software Test Consultant , USA)

In this webinar, Karen reviews some of the roadblocks that face automation so that as a team tester – whether your focus is manual testing or automation, you can help move your team’s testing efforts forward.

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Kanban Testing and Lego

Kristoffer Nordström (Northern Test Consulting, Sweden) kristoffer nordstrom

Here Kristoffer tells you how he started working with a team of fantastic developers and how they took a product with a disillusioned user base, a code base in desperate need of maintenance and re-factoring, and how they turned the ship around.

Key Takeaways:

  • Software development is a human activity and people are at the centre of it.
  • Why we should have fun at work.
  • What is the real job of a manager and what should they not do.


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An Introduction to Lean Test Management

Iris Pinkster – O’Riordain (Professional Testing BV, The Netherlands) Iris Pinkster

“One of the key steps in using “Lean” is the identification of which steps add value and which do not”.

This webinar will explore the use of “Lean” within testing and give attendees a solid introduction to the concept of Lean Test Management.

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Introduction to Test Strategy Mon Tut C - Rikard Edgren_web

Rikard Edgren (LearningWell, Sweden)

“A good test strategy drives your testing effort towards the testing mission, and is specific, anchored, pragmatic, effective and possible to change”.

This webinar aims to help you with your strategies, by theoretical ideas, practical tips, and examples.


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Test Management eBooks

Test Management Test Management Thumbnail 1

Anne Mette Hass (NNIT, Denmark)

This eBook first describes how a test project management interacts “upward” with the development or maintenance project management it belongs to.

Material covered in this test management eBook:

  1. Test Management Responsibility
  2. Test Stakeholder Analysis
  3. Risk-based Testing
  4. Test Estimation
  5. Test Metrics and Measurements
  6. Test Progress Monitoring and Control


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Business Analysis, Software Testing, Usability (A Quick Guide Book for Better Project Management)business-analysis-software-testing-usability-a-quick-guide-book-for-better-project-management-and-faster-it-career-thumbnail

Dorothy Graham (Dorothy Graham, UK)

In this eBook readers will learn the logic and the philosophy behind using software test design techniques. An interesting analogy between software test design techniques and high jump techniques will be used to illustrate the concept.

Key takeaways

  •       The logic behind using software test design techniques
  •      The importance of software test design techniques
  •      Equivalence partitioning test design technique
  •      Input combination coverage
  •      Partition combination coverage
  •      How to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of your software testing efforts?

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Keeping Your Cucumbers Sweet cucumbers_eBook

Seb Rose (Claysnow, UK)

This extract from The Cucumber for Java Book distils many years of experience gained by the Cucumber team. In it they describe the challenges that they’ve seen their customers struggle with when using Cucumber as part of their development process and give detailed advice and instructions to help you avoid these problems from the start.

Key Takeaways:

  • Writing scenarios using Cucumber is easy, but it takes skill and effort to keep them maintainable and readable.
  • Speed of feedback is usually more important than exhaustive coverage.
  • Consistent results are essential, so invest in fixing ‘flaky’ scenarios

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How To Assess Your Test Manager

Fabian Scarano (Nets A/S, Denmark & Peter Morgan (Nicemove Ltd, UK )

The structure of this paper is straight-forwarded. The subject matter was inspired by the Galileo Galilei’s book: “Dialogue concerning the Two Chief World Systems”, and this will be used as an idea to contrast the role of a ‘tester’ with the role of a ‘manager’.

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Test Management Blog Posts

Are Test Managers Good Leaders?

Martin ZedelerMartin Zedeler

This blog post explores Martin’s thoughts and ideas on the management and leadership side of Test Management, and draws from his own personal experiences on what makes a good leader.

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What is Agile Test Management?

Bharathi VenugopalBharathi Venugopal

Looking at the effects and challenges of moving to agile in software testing. This post look’s at the Software Development Lifecycle’s (SDLC’s) and what is involved in moving onto Agile.

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How to Navigate As A Test Manager

Bettina FaldborgBettina_Faldborg

Here are some simple practical tips based on experience on how to mange your time and work load as a test manager.

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