Taking Your Team in the Iterative Direction

Erik Boelen

Independent Test Professional

This eBook tells the story of an ‘action/reaction’ situation Erik’s test team encountered in a non-iterative environment, being ‘forced’ to work in small cycles. The eBook addresses three critical issues in software testing: How to work iteratively with a team within a non-iterative environment The application of exploratory testing during the test preparation phase The way to achieve quality by combining these two activities....

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About Me!

Erik Boelen is a passionate independent test professional. As a test coordinator and test consultant, he has helped a large number of companies set up effective test processes. In addition to specializing in agile testing, Erik challenges traditional views of testing to better serve his clients in their specific needs. After helping a specific client, Erik translates his learning into specialized training materials, generalizing them in order to help other organizations deal with their specific problems. He is a member of the Professional Testing Network.

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