The RisingSTAR Award

The RisingSTAR Award is designed to stimulate innovation in the software testing and quality assurance industry. It was created to encourage the development of new ideas, support the growth of the community through mentorship and bring new innovators to the fore.

Joonas Palomäki is the EuroSTAR 2023 RisingSTAR winner, for his idea on using an artificial intelligence technique to make manual test cases 50% faster. See the finalists of the 2023 RisingSTAR Award.

Do you have a revolutionary new testing idea? Do you have a novel or interesting concept that could help improve the way we test? Do you have a breakthrough plan for using new technologies in testing? Consider applying for the 2024 RisingSTAR Award.


The RisingSTAR Award winner receives:

  • Mentorship & Support – half day from each of the Supporters/Mentors
  • Recognition & Publicity
  • Invitation to speak at EuroSTAR and showcase your winning idea
  • A prize bursary of €1,000
  • Ongoing exposure to the wider testing community via the online EuroSTAR Huddle Community.


See 2023 Finalists

2023 RisingSTAR Winner - Joonas Palomäki

Joonas Palomäki is the EuroSTAR 2023 RisingSTAR winner, for his idea on using an artificial intelligence technique to make manual test cases 50% faster. See more details about this idea.


RisingSTAR Award Supporters & Mentors

One of the huge benefits of winning the RisingSTAR Award is that winner will receive invaluable mentorship & support from many of the most high profile and influential testers in the global community known as ‘The Supporters’ of the RisingSTAR Award. Meet our current RisingSTAR Supporters & Mentors.

Each of these mentors are respected testing experts, teachers and innovators who have committed to helping the winner of the RisingSTAR Award to develop their idea through mentorship and connections.

2024 RisingSTAR Award will open in January 2024

The RisingSTAR Award supports individual innovators through mentorship to develop new ideas and contribute to the future of testing. Please note this is not a corporate award and may not be entered as a company. Entries closed on 21st May and the winner was announced at the EuroSTAR Awards Night on 15th June. See the 2023 Finalists.

Past Winners of the RisingSTAR Award

2019 RisingSTAR Brendan Connolly

RisingSTAR 2018 Sanne Visser

The 2022 RisingSTAR winner was Kimberly Snoyl, for her idea to create a HeuriChecker to automate the usability heuristics. See the 2022 RisingSTAR Finalists and check out Kimberly’s talk description for the updates on her idea.

Brendan Connolly won the 2019 RisingSTAR Award for his idea of Inclusive Automation and took to the virtual stage at EuroSTAR 2020 to present his idea and the progress he had made with the assistance of the RisingSTAR Mentors. See the 2019 Finalists for an example of shortlisted ideas.

The 2018 RisingSTAR winner was Sanne Visser, of NS Stations, Netherlands! Sanne was awarded the inaugural RisingSTAR Award for her idea to adapt and/or develop a testing framework for Blockchain-based applications to positively shape the adoption and development of blockchain technology.  See the 2018 RisingSTAR Award finalists.

See updates from the RisingSTAR Award Winners.