The RisingSTAR Award

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About the RisingSTAR Award

The RisingSTAR Award is designed to stimulate innovation in the software testing and quality assurance industry. It was created to encourage the development of new ideas, support the growth of the community through mentorship and bring new innovators to the fore. Enter by completing the form on this page.

The RisingSTAR Award recognises individuals and their contribution to the future of testing through their idea, that will be developed with the help of the Supporters. It is not a corporate award and may not be entered as a company.

2018 RisingSTAR Winner

The 2018 RisingSTAR winner was Sanne Visser, of NS Stations, Netherlands! Sanne was awarded the inaugral RisingSTAR Award by Bart Knaack and James Lyndsay at the EuroSTAR Annual Awards Dinner. Congratulations to Sanne and thank you to each of our excellent entrants in the 2018 year’s RisingSTAR Award. See the finalists of the 2018 RisingSTAR Award.

Supporters of the RisingSTAR Award

One of the huge benefits of winning the RisingSTAR Award is that winner will receive invaluable mentorship & support from many of the most influential minds in the testing industry known as ‘The Supporters’ of the RisingSTAR Award. Each of ‘The Supporters’ are respected testing experts who have committed to mentoring the winner of the RisingSTAR Award over a 12 month period. See our RisingSTAR Supporters

We would like to thank the current panel of experienced RisingSTAR Supporters for the time they are giving to Sanne and their ongoing contribution to the testing community – building personal connections between new voices and old hands.

The RisingSTAR winner receives:

  • Recognition & Publicity
  • Mentorship & Support – half day from each of ‘The Supporters’
  • A bursary – funded by €50 contribution from each of ‘The Supporters’
  • Ongoing exposure to the wider EuroSTAR testing community via the online EuroSTAR Huddle Community.
  • Full  conference ticket (with social events) for current year EuroSTAR Conference
  • EuroSTAR will also pay for flights & accommodation*
  • A platform at next year’s EuroSTAR to showcase your winning idea

See updates from the 2018 RisingSTAR Award Winner


Learn about the concept of the RisingSTAR Award – Supporting New Ideas in Testing!



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