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Are you passionate about software testing? Looking for a great way to share your skills and expertise? You are in the right place. EuroSTAR Huddle is always looking for great articles on software testing and quality assurance.

Why write for EuroSTAR Huddle?

Perhaps you have your own blog or maybe you see lots of discussions about software testing and have strong opinions. There are lots of reason why you might write an article and here are just a few:

  • Share your Voice – EuroSTAR will amplify your voice by sharing your articles with our worldwide database of testers and social media followers.
  • Develop Your Career – Testers and QA professionals that publish articles about their chosen areas in testing become known within the community and can develop into experts in their area.
  • Powerful Connections – For the past 30 years, EuroSTAR has been the largest testing community in Europe and is powered by the incredible testing and QA experts who teach others by sharing their knowledge, the experienced speakers who inspire us and the newer testers who love to learn!

Topics You Could Write About:

Here are some software testing topics that the Huddle Community love to read about:

Agile Testing Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Cloud Testing DevOps IoT Mobile Testing People/Skills Security Testing Test Automation Test Management Test Techniques

Style of Article:

We publish articles written by people with software testing skills. These include:

  • How-To Guides or Tutorials — Help current testers or future testers get started with new tools or walking them through the process of testing.
  • Opinion — Do you have an opinion on software testing and have research to back up your statements? Please note this is not a forum to air grievances.
  • Case Studies — Did you or your company learn a lesson worth sharing when completing a particular project? These articles focus on practical examples which will be useful to the reader. They are not sales opportunities.
  • Ultimate Guides — These are usually indepth articles really detailing your subject with addition of your personal testing thoughts. Please ensure you reference and attribute appropriately.

We are always happy to help so if you need some inspiration, do get in touch with us on [email protected]

How Do I submit?

  • It is important that our Community is transparent and everyone can see who has written the article so first you need to become a Huddle Community Member. It’s free to do so and you get unlimited access to all the learning resources on EuroSTAR Huddle.
  • Remember to add your image and bio to your Huddle profile
  • Next you need to think about what you want to write. All articles should be written by YOU and not taken from elsewhere. EuroSTAR Huddle will not publish articles that have been already published on another site or taken from another testers work.
  • 500-700 words
  • Structure your article with an introduction, headings and paragraphs.
  • Your writing must be high-quality and our team will edit if necessary.
  • We are OK with some external links but they must be relevant to the topic. Please ensure you only have one link to your company’s website in the body of the post. Links to research, references, further info are all good!
  • Include a feature image of 1170px x 570px and ideally no larger than 120kb. All images must be copyright free or you must own the rights and allow EuroSTAR Huddle to post the image.
  • Send a draft of your article to [email protected]
  • Once your article has been approved, we will send you the link to upload it to the EuroSTAR Huddle blog page.

Happy writing!

The EuroSTAR Huddle Team

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