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Thank you for your interest in writing a guest blog post for Huddle!

If you’d like to submit a guest post for Huddle, please read on to learn how the process works.



Here is a list of topics you can choose from:

  • Agile Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing,
  • Test Management
  • Cloud Testing
  • Software Testing Tools, News, Updates



  • Please submit original content. We request that your blog post is original and not published or copied from anywhere else.
  • Length min. 500 words. We would like your post to be between 500-1,000 words with bullets and sub-headers where possible for readability.
  • Include a summary. Please summarize the article in a couple of lines so that it helps the reader to know what exactly is being conveyed in the article
  • Post may be edited. We reserve the right to correct grammar and edit, including the title and include links to other articles, but will not change sentences or meanings.
  • Include author biography. Please include a short bio with a photo, and Twitter username (for mentioning the author on Twitter)
  • Spread the Word. You are very welcome to promote your blog post on social media platforms so as to grow the visibility of your post and also to create impressions.


Where to Upload:

You can upload the article on our website or send it via email.

Upload the article on Huddle website

  1. You must first sign in or register as an author to Huddle 
  2. Once done, go to Resources – Upload Resource
  3. Please fill in all the details, include article images if you have. 
  4. Click Submit


Send the article via email

If you do not wish to register, please send us the article at [email protected]

  1. Please include a summary of the article,
  2. Please include a bio and photo of the author. 
  3. Include a Twitter username as well.


Once sent or uploaded, we will review it and get back to you. 

Happy writing!

The Huddle Team


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