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Getting started with Functional Test Automation


If you’re already engaged in manual testing, this ebook is a neutral guide that can help you get started with… Read more +


Real Stories, Real Results: Navigating Testing Triumphs with UiPath Test Suite

Thomas Stocker

Thomas Stocker, Product Management Professional at UiPath on this web event where he will feature customer testimonials from NatWest Group… Read more +


Galp Test CaseRepository: Optimization challenges and its crucial role to the future of testing activity

Rui Miguel, Paulo Matos, and Mariana Santos

Join Rui Miguel, Head of R&QA, Paulo Matos, Senior QA Manager, and Mariana Santos, Content Manager and moderator in this… Read more +


Harnessing low-code test automation at Futuru to release quality software at speed and scale

Andrea Hallewell

Futuru is on a mission to disrupt the healthcare education space by offering free online training to nurses and care… Read more +