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Webinar Schedule

We have loads of great webinars lined up for you in 2017. You can use our quick register feature to register for multiple webinar at once or else scroll down the page and register for the webinars that interest you.

Upcoming Webinars:

Albert Witteveen webinarJava Memory, Getting Rid Of The Garbage

with Albert Witteveen (Pluton IT, The Netherlands)

Tuesday June 20th at 2PM (BST)

In this webinar, Albert will explain the way Java handles memory, how to properly monitor and analyse the behaviour, common pitfalls and ways to improve performance, robustness and prevent and solve issues. – View Details >>>

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Ken Johnston WebinarBig Data: The Magic To Attain New Heights

with Ken Johnson (Microsoft, USA)

Tuesday July 18th at 2PM (BST)

In this webinar, Ken shares his secrets for recruiting, training, and retaining the right kind of data analysts. – View Details >>>

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anna mette hassUse Test Trees To Get An Overview Of The Test Work

with Anne Mette Hass (NNIT, Denmark)

Wednesday August 23rd at 2PM (BST)

In this webinar, Anne Mette will inspire you to use Test Trees for your testing and highlight how it will make your tests more clear and visible. – View Details >>>

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Recent Webinars:

Fran O'Hara WebinarMaintaining Quality With Agility

with Fran O’Hara (Inspire Quality Services, Ireland)

This webinar highlights a number of key quality related aspects of agile, identifying common problems and suggests solutions. It will of course include testing but will also discuss experiences with topics such as culture and teams, management support, technical debt and continuous improvement.

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Selena Delesie Webinar

Agile Leadership for Team Members

with Selena Delesie (Delesie Solutions, Canada)

In this webinar, Selena will discuss how leadership can propel individuals, teams, and entire organisations to be really successful.

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MichaelBolton JPGNo Test Cases Required: Test Session Chartering

with Michael Bolton (DevelopSence, Canada)

In this Webinar, Michael Bolton takes a hard look at the testing mission and how we go about it. As alternatives to test cases, he’ll offer ways to think about planning, coverage, and reporting that can help to refocus testing on its primary goal: helping people to find problems that threaten the on-time, successful completion of the project.

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Gil Zilberfeld

TDD For The Rest Of Us

with Gil Zilberfeld (Gil Inc., Israel)

In this webinar, we’ll write tests and code for solving a real Star Wars problem. And we’ll discuss what we’re doing, refine our specs, as well as see what changes in the design tell us.

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Paul Gerrard 100Will Robots Replace Testers?

with Paul Gerrard (Gerrard Consulting, UK)

In this webinar, we’ll look at how we might make sense of the tools landscape of the near future, where the pressure to modernise processes and automate is greatest, and what a new test process supported by tools might look like.

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Elad WebinarScaling Agile with LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum)

with Elad Sofer (Practical Agile, Israel)

In this webinar, Elad will cover the principles that the #LeSS framework has to offer in order to enable bug organisations to become agile.


Mark Tomlinson webinarPerformance in A DevOps World

with Mark Tomlinson (PayPal, USA)

In this webinar you’ll learn more about overcoming the challenges of transforming to DevOps with performance in mind.

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