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Webinar Schedule

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We have loads of great software testing webinars lined up for you in 2018. You can use our quick register feature to register for multiple webinars at once or else scroll down the page and register for the webinars that interest you.

Upcoming Webinars

Adam Auerbach pic

Testing & DevOps: Organisations and Their Culture Must Change

With Adam Auerbach (Lincoln Financial Group)

Thursday 24th May at 14:00 (GMT)

To keep pace with the DevOps movement impacting development, testing teams also have to leverage DevOps practices.  Teams and individuals must develop new technical skills and even embrace coding to stay relevant and add more value to the business. Based on his experiences, Adam explores what the DevOps movement is all about, its core values, and proven patterns for how testing must evolve

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rsz_andrew_krug_profilePattern for Automation Greatness

With Andrew Krug (Lazy Coder)

Thursday 30th April at 14:00 (GMT)

Join this webinar to learn how leveling up your development skills and implementing better practices will make your test framework easy to maintain. Make your testing easier….


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Elisabeth Hocke PIC

‘I am Groot’ – Learning Agile Testing

With Elisabeth Hocke

Wednesday 13th June at 14:00 (GMT)

Join this webinar and hear the lessons I would have liked to hear 9 years ago when falling into testing. I will share my personal experience, pieces of wisdom I picked up on my way, as well as concrete tips on how to constantly reinvent yourself and the world around you. We are Groot!

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Recent Webinars

Catch up on all the latest webinars that we have featured on Huddle in the previous number of months.


Seven Deadly Sins of Scrum

With Fran O’Hara (Inspire Quality Services, Ireland)

Thursday 12th April at 14:00 (GMT)view here button


Assessing and Determining Enterprise Cyber Risks

with Sebastian Hess (AIG)view here button

Power of Naive and Other Safe-to-Fail Experiments

With Ray Arell (nuAgility, LLC / Agile Alliance) 

view here button


Test Assessments – How Do They Help?

With Paul Mowat (Accenture U.K) view here button

Leading Agile Testers – Successfully Making the Leap Test Assessments – How Do They Help?

With Bob Galen and Mary Thorn (rGalen) view here button

Test Quality with CI/CD

With Christina Thalayasingam (Zaizi, Sri Lanka) view here button

Automation & Management: Conversation to Create Trust

with Katrina Clokie (Test Practice Manager at BNZ, N.Z)      view here button


Neuroscience; The Secret to Becoming a Better Agile Coach

with Philiy Lander (Scrum Master, U.K)  view here button


Future Test Management

with Paul Gerrard (Gerrard Consulting, U.K) view here button


Your Automation Execution Does Not Have To Be Flaky

with Alan Richardson (Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Author, U.K) view here button


Succeeding with Rapid and Continuous Testing

with Jeffery Payne (Coveros) view here button


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