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Test Manager, Orchestrator or Quality Coach?

Gitte Ottosen


For some years we have been talking about the role of the tester, and how it should/might change in the… Read more +

Ready for Test – A Symptom of a Poor Quality Culture

Thomas Shipley


The Ready for Test column on our boards feels safe, but is it? A well-known column with a clear purpose,… Read more +

Mama Said My Shape Was Okay – A Better Shape than I, T and X

Jihad Ghandour

Murex Lebanon

“At school, I was the shortest, and I had the darkest skin. Everyone bullied me for that, but Mama said… Read more +

Good Enough Testing: Finding the Goldilocks Zone

Sanne Visser


Goldilocks was a spoiled little girl and a home invader. Fortunately, that’s not the moral of that story. The value… Read more +

Take Charge! Unbend Yourself Back into Action

Brijesh Deb


A great team comprises of individuals with exceptional abilities. What makes these individuals exceptional are their intellect and ability to… Read more +