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Webinar Schedule

Software Testing Webinars – Learn From The Greatest Minds

Quality Assurance of Artificial Intelligence Systems

Webinar Info: 23rd May, 11:00 GMT, Mallika Fernandas (Accenture)

Webinar Description: With increasing adoption of AI in software and cyber-physical systems, the system behaviour is rapidly evolving from a rule driven response to intelligence driven response. Such a response is dynamic and data driven and is never deterministic thus rendering the conventional testing and monitoring paradigms ineffective. In this webinar, I explain the business and technical challenges in developing, testing and continuously monitoring AI driven systems along with a recommended AI Testing life-cycle and AI Model validation and assurance techniques


Are We Crazy; A Neuropsychological Investigation of Perfection in Testing

Webinar Info: 28th May, 14:00 GMT, Rick Tracy

Webinar Description: We work in an industry that is constantly, deliberately, and effectively driving us crazy. Why? Because testers have slipped into the obsessive role of Perfectionists. Testing has become less about exploring quality and more about ensuring no flaws or defects get through.  Join me in looking at the world as it is, not as how we’ve been indoctrinated into thinking it should be.


 Testers Shape & Influence the Conversation

Webinar Info: 11th June, 14:00 GMT, Ryan Volker

Webinar Description: In many industries, software testing is frequently overlooked and underappreciated by senior managers. It is a vital quality component but – unfortunately – typically seen as the last step standing in the way of a new launch.  Testers can change this and shape the conversation by applying five tips. You might have the newest testing tools, techniques and technology.  But without senior management support, testing acceptance is just a happy accident.


 How AI is Changing the Enterprise Testing World

Webinar Info: 12th June, 14:00 BST, Raj Subramanian

Webinar Description: Learn the Basics of AI, Current challenges with test automation, How AI helps to solve these challenges with the help of Dynamic Locators, Future of AI based testing, Learn the Basics of AI, Current challenges with test automation, How AI helps to solve these challenges with the help of Dynamic Locators and the Future of AI based testing


Testers- Is it Our Fault we are Underrated?!

Webinar Info: 25th June, 14:00 BST, Claire Goss

Webinar Description: As testers in organisations do we consider ourselves underrated or less important than other roles? This is a question I’ve been asking myself recently after reading a number of job specifications for roles in the test industry. There is a perception that our roles can be fully automated. In this talk I outline the many important aspects we bring to an organisation as testers and why we shouldn’t underrate ourselves.


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**CANCELLED** Re-Shaping the Test Pyramid for App Teams

Webinar Info: Originally 21st May, 14:00, Jennifer Bonine & Rick Faulise (PinkLion AI)

Webinar Description: Shifting the testing paradigms for the world’s app teams. Re-examine the norms that we have lived in testing over the past 15 years. Do they still hold true or are we holding on to old habits.



 In Case You Missed it….

Past Webinars

XRAY + Jira: How Integrated Test Management Keeps Swiss Federal Railways on Track

With Andreas Wieczorek (Swiss Federal Railways)

Tuesday, 23rd April at 14:00 (BST)


Testing AI: A Tour

With Jason Arbon (CEO

Wednesday, 17th April at 14:00 (GMT)


Front-End Web Performance Analysis

With Mais Tawfik Ashkar

Thursday, 11th April at 15:30 (GMT)


Test Automation At Scale

With Justin Watts (LobLaw Digital)

Wednesday, 27th March at 13:00 (GMT)

Notes to Self.. Journey From A Rookie Testers to Test Automation Expert Test Automation At Scale

With Jani Haapala (Qentinel Oy)

Wednesday, 20th March at 13:00 (GMT)

Higher-Value Checking

With Michael Bolton (DevelopSense)

Wednesday, 6th March at 13:00 (GMT)

view here button

 Blockchain Applications and How to Test Them

With Rhian Lewis (Technology Consultant)

Thursday, 21st February at 13:00 (GMT) 

view here button

 How Do I Think?

With Andrew Brown (SQS)

Wednesday, 13th February at 15:00 (GMT)

view here button

 How To Test A LED-Bar Longer Than The Eiffel Tower

With Ard Kramer & Dennis Schouten 

Wednesday, 13th February at 11:00 (GMT)

view here button

 Reality Check: The Role of Manual Testing in DevOps

With Ingo Philipp (Tricentis)

Wednesday, 13th February at 9:00 (GMT)

view here button


Laying the Foundation for Enduring Success: Elements of UI Automation Framework

With Aaron Fox (SmartBear)

Tuesday, 6th November at 14:00 (BST)

view here button


Developing a Quality Engineering Workforce

With Matthias Rasking (Accenture)

Tuesday, 23rd October at 14:00 (BST)

view here button



How Did i Miss That Bug: Overcome Cognitive Bias in Testing

With Gerie Owen (QualiTest Group, Inc)

Wednesday, 10th October at 14:00 (BST)

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Life Testing and Leaps of Faith

With Susie Maguire (Disruptive. Happy. Thinker. Change Master. Writer. Speaker. Consultant

Tuesday 21st August at 14:00 (BST)

view here button


How to Transform the Test Approach for More Speed & Autonomy of 50+ Scrum Teams

With Joost van Wollingen & Ivo de Bruijn (

In this webinar Joost and Ivo will show you how we’ve found more value in isolation, while still integrating as early as possible. Let’s dive into the reasons that made us initiate this change, our technical and organisational approach and the results.

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Becoming a Coding Tester

With Adam Satterfield (Technology Program Director, Anthem)

Thursday 26th July at 14:00 (BST)

Learning to code positions a tester for long-term career growth, opens up new professional opportunities, and gives them the perspective to be a better tester with a deeper understanding of what questions to ask and how to approach a meaningful testing plan to gain better insights

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Automation vs Intelligence, “Come With Me If You Want To Live”

With Viktor Slavchev (Senior QA at Siteground)

be to build an expert system, that even mimics human intelligence?

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EuroSTAR Conferences’ Chair Rikard Edgren Explains The Programme

With Rikard Edgren (Testexpert at Nordic Medtest)

Tuesday 19th June at 14:00 (BST) view here button



‘I am Groot’ – Learning Agile Testing

With Elisabeth Hocke

Wednesday 13th June at 14:00 (BST) view here button


Pattern for Automation Greatness

With Andrew Krug (Lazy Coder)

Thursday 31th May at 14:00 (BST) view here button

Testing In The Pipe – An Experience Report in Automation

With Simon Berner (House of Test)

Thursday 29th May at 14:00 (BST) view here button

Testing & DevOps: Organisations and Their Culture Must Change

With Adam Auerbach (Lincoln Financial Group)

Thursday 24th May at 14:00 (BST)    <<< VIEW HERE>>>view here button

Seven Deadly Sins of Scrum

With Fran O’Hara (Inspire Quality Services, Ireland)

Thursday 12th April at 14:00 (GMT)view here button

Assessing and Determining Enterprise Cyber Risks

with Sebastian Hess (AIG)view here button

Power of Naive and Other Safe-to-Fail Experiments

With Ray Arell (nuAgility, LLC / Agile Alliance) 

view here button

Test Assessments – How Do They Help?

With Paul Mowat (Accenture U.K) view here button

Leading Agile Testers – Successfully Making the Leap Test Assessments – How Do They Help?

With Bob Galen and Mary Thorn (rGalen) view here button

Test Quality with CI/CD

With Christina Thalayasingam (Zaizi, Sri Lanka) view here button

Automation & Management: Conversation to Create Trust

with Katrina Clokie (Test Practice Manager at BNZ, N.Z)      view here button

Neuroscience; The Secret to Becoming a Better Agile Coach

with Philiy Lander (Scrum Master, U.K)  view here button

Future Test Management

with Paul Gerrard (Gerrard Consulting, U.K) view here button

Your Automation Execution Does Not Have To Be Flaky

with Alan Richardson (Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Author, U.K) view here button

Succeeding with Rapid and Continuous Testing

with Jeffery Payne (Coveros) view here button


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