Upcoming Live Events

Our next live talks will take place 1st-4th November with our next Deep Dive week – Automation edition!

You can also head over to our on-demand area and see the recordings of past webinars and live sessions held on EuroSTAR Huddle.

Using Big Data Analysis to Reduce Test Flakiness

Adam Sandman & Denis Markovtsev


As a research project to see why test automation of web applications is so hard, and why our Selenium scripts… Read more +

Leveraging Cypress beyond Functional Testing

Maria Drake


Cypress is currently one of the most popular test automation frameworks out there in the JavaScript community. With so many… Read more +

Three Steps to Faster Test Automation with Low Code Tools

Paul Grossman

Guaranteed Rate

What is no code AI test automation and what are its benefits? In this talk Paul Grossman will explain and… Read more +

Dos and Don’ts of Automation

Corina Pip


Automation has become a must in many projects. We dream of having automation based CI/CD pipelines that run smoothly, without… Read more +

Scenarios to consider when doing API Automation

Julia Pottinger


UI automation is pretty popular, and offers valuable feedback on the quality of software. In addition to doing UI automation,… Read more +

AMA with Dorothy Graham

Dorothy Graham

Dorothy Graham, Test Automation guru, creator of the test automation patterns wiki and co-author of five books on test automation… Read more +

Who Tests the Tests

Bas Dijkstra

Inspired Testing

A lot of development teams write automated tests to check that their code and application behave as intended. However, the… Read more +