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We have loads of great software testing webinars lined up for you in 2018. You can use our quick register feature to register for multiple webinars at once or else scroll down the page and register for the webinars that interest you.


Upcoming Webinars

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susie maguire webinar

Life Testing and Leaps of Faith

With Susie Maguire (Disruptive. Happy. Thinker. Change Master. Writer. Speaker. Consultant

Tuesday 21st August at 14:00 (BST)

Susie wants you to think about your life purpose, evaluate your passions and answer some important questions. The lessons you will learn will not only help yourself, but also your team members and colleagues. When we are living on purpose, our lives are peaceful, happy and fulfilled… When was the last time you checked in with yourself?

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Gerie Owen

How Did i Miss That Bug: Overcome Cognitive Bias in Testing

With Gerie Owen (QualiTest Group, Inc)

Wednesday, 10th October at 14:00 (BST)

How many bugs have you missed that were easy to spot?   Testers are often hampered by their own biases.  Understanding your biases and ability to focus your attention are the keys to managing cognitive bias in testing. This webinar will show how to manage your biases and focus your attention so you won’t miss that obvious bug.

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Recent Webinars

Catch up on all the latest webinars that we have featured on Huddle in the previous number of months.


How to Transform the Test Approach for More Speed & Autonomy of 50+ Scrum Teams

With Joost van Wollingen & Ivo de Bruijn (

In this webinar Joost and Ivo will show you how we’ve found more value in isolation, while still integrating as early as possible. Let’s dive into the reasons that made us initiate this change, our technical and organisational approach and the results.

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Becoming a Coding Tester

With Adam Satterfield (Technology Program Director, Anthem)

Thursday 26th July at 14:00 (BST)

Learning to code positions a tester for long-term career growth, opens up new professional opportunities, and gives them the perspective to be a better tester with a deeper understanding of what questions to ask and how to approach a meaningful testing plan to gain better insights

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Automation vs Intelligence, “Come With Me If You Want To Live”

With Viktor Slavchev (Senior QA at Siteground)

be to build an expert system, that even mimics human intelligence?

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EuroSTAR Conferences’ Chair Rikard Edgren Explains The Programme

With Rikard Edgren (Testexpert at Nordic Medtest)

Tuesday 19th June at 14:00 (BST) view here button



‘I am Groot’ – Learning Agile Testing

With Elisabeth Hocke

Wednesday 13th June at 14:00 (BST) view here button


Pattern for Automation Greatness

With Andrew Krug (Lazy Coder)

Thursday 31th May at 14:00 (BST) view here button



Testing In The Pipe – An Experience Report in Automation

With Simon Berner (House of Test)

Thursday 29th May at 14:00 (BST) view here button



Testing & DevOps: Organisations and Their Culture Must Change

With Adam Auerbach (Lincoln Financial Group)

Thursday 24th May at 14:00 (BST)    <<< VIEW HERE>>>view here button


Seven Deadly Sins of Scrum

With Fran O’Hara (Inspire Quality Services, Ireland)

Thursday 12th April at 14:00 (GMT)view here button


Assessing and Determining Enterprise Cyber Risks

with Sebastian Hess (AIG)view here button

Power of Naive and Other Safe-to-Fail Experiments

With Ray Arell (nuAgility, LLC / Agile Alliance) 

view here button


Test Assessments – How Do They Help?

With Paul Mowat (Accenture U.K) view here button

Leading Agile Testers – Successfully Making the Leap Test Assessments – How Do They Help?

With Bob Galen and Mary Thorn (rGalen) view here button

Test Quality with CI/CD

With Christina Thalayasingam (Zaizi, Sri Lanka) view here button

Automation & Management: Conversation to Create Trust

with Katrina Clokie (Test Practice Manager at BNZ, N.Z)      view here button


Neuroscience; The Secret to Becoming a Better Agile Coach

with Philiy Lander (Scrum Master, U.K)  view here button


Future Test Management

with Paul Gerrard (Gerrard Consulting, U.K) view here button


Your Automation Execution Does Not Have To Be Flaky

with Alan Richardson (Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Author, U.K) view here button


Succeeding with Rapid and Continuous Testing

with Jeffery Payne (Coveros) view here button


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