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About EuroSTAR Huddle

The EuroSTAR Huddle is an online learning platform powered by the Community for the Community. EuroSTAR exists to help connect the software testing and quality assurance community and encourage test professionals to reach their full potential.

Huddle is hosts Europe’s largest selection of software testing resources and is provided completely free for the good of the testing community. Avail of:

1,250+ Blogs | 100+ eBooks | 200+ Webinars

EuroSTAR Huddle is currently undergoing a revamp and we aim to launch the new EuroSTAR Huddle site this summer. We can’t wait to share it with you and hope you will join us as a member (for free) and be part of the worldwide EuroSTAR Community.


Why is it called ‘Huddle’?

hud-dle (verb): “to gather or crowd together in a close mass;

……to confer or consult; meet to discuss, exchange ideas, or make a decision.”

By definition, to ‘huddle’ involves gathering together to discuss, consult and exchange ideas – software testers do this offline through events such as the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference and so this platform aims to facilitate similar engagement online. This is done by sharing quality software testing resources from members and recognised industry thought-leaders; by facilitating topical, relevant forum conversations; and by collaborating with national software testing special interest groups (SIGs) in the promotion of software testing, regardless of the schools of thought.

Get involved by sharing testing resources, taking part in discussions or registering for an upcoming webinar!


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