The EuroSTAR Huddle Community

Since 1993, EuroSTAR has been helping the European testing community to connect and grow. It is our core purpose to help provide great content for software testers and quality assurance professionals, facilitate connections within the community and to encourage growth and development so that testers can achieve their absolute professional development.

EuroSTAR has been developed by the community and our future is shaped by each and every member. EuroSTAR Huddle members come from every corner of the globe, every testing discipline, every background, every ethnicity – all are welcome! In 2014, EuroSTAR Huddle was created to provide easy access to the amazing learning resources co-created by incredible testers within the community. We truly believe in the power of shared knowledge and keeping membership free is something we feel strongly about.

Become a Member

Brought to you by the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference Team, EuroSTAR Huddle has developed many facets.

  • EuroSTAR Huddle Online helps testers learn, contribute and connect with the testing & QA community through shared learning resources co-created by the community.
  • EuroSTAR Huddle Live is the thriving epicenter of the annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference where attendees can connect or simply hangout in between talks. It features it’s own popular line-up of events throughout the conference.
  • EuroSTAR Huddle On Tour is the newest embodiment of how we bring the testing community together. It is an introductory version of the Huddle Live experience at partner events to help their attendees make powerful connections.

For more information on EuroSTAR Huddle and the EuroSTAR Software Testing Community please drop us line to [email protected]

In the meantime we hope you will join the EuroSTAR Huddle community (if you haven’t already!) and be part of this inclusive and diverse software testing community with FREE access to Europe’s largest selection of online learning resources.

Why is it called EuroSTAR ‘Huddle’?

hud-dle (verb): “to gather or crowd together in a close mass;
……to confer or consult; meet to discuss, exchange ideas, or make a decision.”

By definition, to ‘huddle’ involves gathering together to discuss, consult and exchange ideas – software testers do this offline through events such as the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference. EuroSTAR Huddle facilitates similar connections online. Avail of quality software testing resources shared by EuroSTAR Huddle members and recognised industry thought-leaders. Engage in discussions on the forum regardless of your school of thought – all opinions welcome!


Huddle Membership Benefits