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About Huddle

Huddle is an online platform which aims to create closer ties amongst testing professionals through year-round engagement of the European software testing community.

Why ‘Huddle’?

hud-dle (verb): “to gather or crowd together in a close mass;

……to confer or consult; meet to discuss, exchange ideas, or make a decision.”

By definition, to ‘huddle’ involves gathering together to discuss, consult and exchange ideas – software testers do this offline through events such as the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference and so this platform aims to facilitate similar engagement online. This is done by sharing quality software testing resources from members and recognised industry thought-leaders; by facilitating topical, relevant forum conversations; by sharing and supporting other software testing events and local meetups and by collaborating with national software testing special interest groups (SIGs) in the promotion of software testing, regardless of the schools of thought.

Play your part by sharing resources, taking part in discussions or joining an upcoming event!

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