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Community Guidelines

We don’t set many rules, but as with all communities, we do ask you to be an active member. The more you participate, the more you will gain! Overall, we ask you to engage with fellow members in a respectful and appropriate manner. Here are a few initial guidelines on how you might get the most from being part of the EuroSTAR Huddle Community.

  1. Learn & Develop: There are thousands of software testing and quality assurance resources for you to make use of and enjoy.
  2. Share Your Knowledge: If you have a testing article, eBook or presentation that you think will be of benefit to other members you can upload it here.  (Note: We do not post sales or promotional material – it must be of educational benefit to the community)
  3. Give Feedback: EuroSTAR Huddle is powered by the community. Contributors kindly share their knowledge with you so it is nice to give feedback. Please do comment on the resources you make use of. Your feedback also helps improve the content available.
  4. Discuss: Post and respond to conversations in the forum – this is YOUR space to share your thoughts on the latest trends in software testing.
  5. Seek Expertise: Ask for input from experts in different areas of software testing. Look for suggestions on how to deal with a problem you are having on your current project.
  6. Share your views: Tell us about your experiences in software testing – it may be something simple like how you overcame a problem; a tool you found useful or suggestions on how things can be done better.


Forum Tips

  • General – The EuroSTAR Huddle forum is an English language forum on the subject of software testing and related matters. Members have the opportunity to start new discussions, so please avoid posting off-topic replies to an existing conversation – start a new one!
  • Respect – Please respect other members of the community. Personal attacks of any nature (e.g. abusive or defamatory remarks); illegal or illicit material; or political, humanitarian or religious opinion will not be tolerated. See our Code of Conduct.
  • Commercial Content – Promoting products or services in Forum threads is not permitted. Any content deemed to be explicit commercial promotion of a company’s services or products will be edited and possibly removed by the community administrators.
  • External Links – Linking for the purposes of promoting a product or service or any commercial endeavour (including illegal material) is not permitted without the prior written consent of EuroSTAR Huddle. Links that are relevant to a discussion and add value to a point of view are accepted. This will be reviewed at the discretion of moderators.
  • Trolling – Don’t post deliberately provocative, outrageous or pointless material purely to get a response. Comments should add value to the discussion – if they don’t, they can and will be removed.
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