How To Sell Excellent Testing: 8 Principles for Communicating the Value of Excellent Software Testing

Ingo Philipp

The importance of software testing is often not recognised by management in organisations. Sometimes you have to demonstrate the real benefits of testing. That can be hard to do. This eBook explores how to sell excellent testing to your organisation. This mean communicating the value of software testing in a strategic way so that testing is no longer seen as a cost-centre but as a value-centre by people who matter. This eBook will demonstrate how selling software testing is possible. Being an excellent tester does not mean being excellent in selling the importance of software testing. In this eBook, Ingo Philipp…....

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About Me!

Ingo is a seasoned product management professional who helps companies to develop, market, and sell software products & services that people need, want, and will pay for. He holds a master’s degree in theoretical astrophysics, has deep technical skills, and currently completes an MBA program at the Vienna University of Economics & Business. In his last positions, his responsibilities ranged from product engineering, product management, marketing (e.g., product, event, content) to sales, presales, and evangelism. Ingo is experienced in leading cross-functional (e.g., engineering, marketing, sales, services, community & partner management) and cross-cultural teams in large-scale and fast-paced development environments. His engineering experiences embrace classical and modern practices (e.g., Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, DevOps, CI/CD) in small, medium, and large organizations across various industries (e.g., retail, healthcare, banking).Ingo has a long resume of public speaking engagements that span the globe. He has given keynotes, track talks, and conducted workshops as well as seminars at more than 60 conferences on software development. In his early days, Ingo worked as a theoretical physicist in the field of high energy particle physics, cosmology, and computational astrophysics at the University of Vienna and the Berlin Institute of Technology.

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