Building Test Strategy

Karolina Zmitrowicz

PGS Software S.A.

Think about the importance of building a test strategy. What do you first think about? Testing is one of the processes that support quality assurance and quality control of software systems. A good test process reduces the risk of delivering a product that does not meet any stated requirements and expectations; it also provides valuable information for the purpose of decision making. To ensure that the testing process achieves the stated goals and meets the stakeholders’ expectations, it should be properly planned. There are a number of conditions that are related to (1) the product under test, (2) the overall…....

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About Me!

Karolina is an experienced requirements engineer and quality manager, actively acting to promote quality culture in IT.

Karolina works an independent IT consultant in requirements engineering, business analysis and quality management fields helping customers to improve their operations and development processes to achieve better business outcomes. At work, she connects business and IT using a variety of experiences and knowledge gained in different areas of activity – from testing, through analysis, to process management.

Outside of her professional career, Karolina is involved in a number of non-profit activities aimed at improving software development methods and she is an active member of several organizations acting to increase knowledge and maturity of requirements engineering and QA community.

Between 2011 and 2013 she was an active member of REQB® Board. Today, she continues work on requirements engineering standardization in IREB®. She is one of the main authors of IQBBA® (former IBAQB) certification scheme for business analysts and co-author of ISTQB® Acceptance Testing certification program.

From March 2018 to May 2020 she was president of Polish Testing Board (SJSI). Since March 2018 she is a member of the Executive Board at IREB®.

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