Testing In The Pipe – An Experience Report in Automation

Simon Berner

House of Test

In today’s agile world where DevOps and Continuous Delivery rule the place, testing has to somehow keep up with that speed. Deployment pipelines force us to search for new approaches in testing. To get rid of the repetitive checking part in testing, automation has become extremely popular. Having Automation in combination with hands-on testing in place, can bring great value to all in the DevOps ecosystem. In this story, I’ll give you some personal insights into one of my past project experiences, where I’ve been part of a cross functional UX team which was embedded in a DevOps ecosystem. By…....

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About Me!

Simon Berner is an enthusiastic, committed and happy person. He has several years of experience as Tester, Test Manager, Scrum Master and Application Manager in the health insurance, real estate, public services, federal administration, cloud and finance industry. His passion and happiness are to take the most valuable and exciting things of testing to customers. He is rocking the stage as Test Engineer at House of Test.

Twitter: @alientester

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