AB Testing is Hard: But You Should Do it Anyway

Ken Johnston


Experimentation, often called AB Testing, has been around as a common practice for web sites for more than 20 years.  With Microsoft Windows and Office we now AB tests not just UX Changes but also bug fixes.  One thing we find all the time, it’s easier to mess up AB testing than it is to get it right.  Everything from designing the test to actually prove the hypothesis to getting a proper distribution.  It really is hard but even so, you need to get great at it and you just need to do it. Key Takeaways: Building an experimentation Culture…....

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About Me!

Ken Johnston is a frequent keynote presenter, trainer, blogger, and author on software testing and data science. Currently he is the principal data science manager for the Microsoft 360 Business Intelligence Group (M360 BIG). Since joining Microsoft in 1998 Johnston has shipped many products, including Commerce Server, Office 365, Bing Local and Segments, and Windows. For two and a half years he served as the Microsoft director of test excellence. He earned his MBA from the University of Washington, is a co-author of How We Test Software at Microsoft, and is a contributing author to Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation. You can contact him through Twitter @rkjohnston or read his blogs on data science management on LinkedIn.

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