How do I get Involved?

EuroSTAR Huddle is a welcoming and all-inclusive community where software testers and quality assurance professionals can collaboratively work together, share knowledge and fulfil their professional potential. EuroSTAR exists to help provide Content and Connections for the Community – the three Cs represented in our logo and what we live each day.

Our amazing content is co-created by the community and by becoming a member you not only have the opportunity to avail of this content but can also join in and shape the future of how the community grows. This is your Tribe and you are very welcome!

You can co-create, compose, communicate, connect, converse and celebrate with the community as much as you feel comfortable to do so. Here are some ideas if you need them and please let us know if you have thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear from you [email protected]

Have Meaningful Conversations

If you have a testing question or need help, post in the EuroSTAR Huddle forum and fellow members will respond and help you out. As a member of the community we encourage you to share your ideas and respond to other members.

If you enjoy one of the many community created learning resources, let the contributor know by posting a comment.

Compose & Share Your Thoughts

What do you feel really passionate about? Write an article and share it with the community. It may be your perspective on a particular aspect of testing. Perhaps you want to diffuse a testing myth or challenge the status-quo. Everyone love a story so why not share a testing experience that went well…(or horribly wrong!!).

Co-create Testing Content

Knowledge sharing is a wonderful gift and EuroSTAR Huddle is filled with a wide range of free learning resources created by the community for the community. If you have an eBook you’d like to share or are interested in hosting a webinar, we’d like to help make that happen. Members can upload a resource and let us know you’d like to share your knowledge with the community.

Make Powerful Connections

Incredible people such as Dot Graham, Michael Bolton, Graham Freeburn, Fiona Charles, Fran O’Hara, Anne-Marie Charrett, Geoff Thompson, James Lyndsay, Bart Knaack and many, many more passionate testers have helped to create the global EuroSTAR Software Testing Community.

This is a great place to make connections and if you’d like to meet the community in person, you can consider attending the annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference – the largest gathering of testers in Europe since 1993!

Community Mentoring

Are you the Mr. Miaggi of mobile testing? Or the Obi-Wan Kenobi of DevOps? Would you like to give back and mentor other testers? Perhaps you would like to become an official Supporter of the RisingSTAR Award. This award encourages innovation and new ideas in testing. The Supporters are all influential testers who have committed to mentoring the winner so they develop their idea which will, in turn, help the wider testing community. Get in touch on [email protected]

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