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How do I get Involved?

So I’ve joined TEST Huddle… GREAT! I have access to a host of free testing resources… FANTASTIC! I get to meet fun and interesting testing professionals …AMAZING! So what’s the catch? – There is none 🙂 All we ask of you is to get involved and use TEST Huddle proactively – don’t hide in the background. Tell us what you are looking for; share your expertise; chat to other members.

The key to making this community successful is your participation. That’s you – not some all-knowing, anonymous tester with plenty of time on his hands – it’s up to people like you to make this community something that all software testers value.

It’s thanks to people like Dot Graham, Fiona Charles, Anne-Marie Charrett and the dozens of presenters that have taken the time to host a live webinar that has allowed us to get this far. It’s also thanks to the eBook authors and bloggers who share their insights and it’s the members themselves who participate in discussion that make it all happen….

So what can you do? Can you make a difference?

busy at workCan I afford to get involved?

Ask yourself “How much time can I realistically give without affecting my other commitments?” We all have to pay the bills and have to prioritise work but maybe there’s an hour or two you can spare now and then to get involved? If so, let us know!


offer helpWhat can I provide to the community?

What specific skills can I provide to aid the development of a strong online testing community that testers really want to be a part of? What do I feel really passionate about? What matters to me? Here are some ideas on how you might get involved:


Offer Your Thoughtsrsz_woman-with-a-megaphone-asserting-herself

Offer your ideas in the forum or by uploading an article or resource sharing your perspective on a particular aspect of testing. Diffuse a testing myth, challenge the status-quo, share a particular testing experience that went well…(or horribly wrong), ask for help… whatever it is you have have to say, there are testers who are keen to hear about it.



Are you an expert on a certain aspect of software testing? Are you willing to spend some time moderating discussions to ensure it stays on topic and relevant?

If so email us at [email protected] to find out more about lending your expertise and applying for one of these roles.



whisper (200x120)Spread the Word…

Create awareness of TEST Huddle by sharing your involvement within your organisation, through meet-up groups or online through social media channels.



Meet & Greet

rsz_two-delegates-chatting1- 500x600

We need volunteers to welcome new members to the community and help them find their feet – if you can help with that, we’d like to hear from you!



Ru Cindrea & delegate in Test Lab (200x133)

Are you the Mr. Miaggi of mobile testing? Or maybe the Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi of Test-Driven Development? If you think you are someone that can mentor other testers and are willing to help junior testers to learn more about testing, then let us know.



Make Suggestions…

Tell us about an event you are hosting and we can share it with others who might want to attend!

Let us know what you want to know – what information do you find really hard to get your hands on? We will endeavour to help.

Who do you want to hear from – have you got a speaker in mind that you’d like to hear from? Let us know and we will try to get them involved!


What if I don’t want to get involved?

So you like it out there on the fringes? That’s okay too. If you really, really, really don’t want to get involved then don’t. That’s fine! But as this community develops and grows stronger, the benefits of participation will be there for those who really, really, really do want to be involved and helped us make it all happen! (Did somebody say “Free EuroSTAR Conference place”?)

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