Creativity to Show the Way in Testing

Nathalie van Delft

Turien & Co. Assuradeuren

Where more common techniques like mind-mapping and plain modelling techniques are translated to a more artsy form to help testers, but especially non-testers, to get more engaged and grow interest and understanding in software testing. That’s because artistic styles, as we know from ‘regular’ art, tend to invite questioning and that leads to debate and learning! Key Takeaways: How to use creativity to improve your test strategy The different techniques used to spark ideas using creativity....

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About Me!

Nathalie works as a test manager and advisor, who still loves to do some actual testing too. Nathalie have participated in and lead various projects and have gained a solid experience with testing, coordinating and managing test activities within a diverse palette of development methods and types of organisation. She have a special interest in test architecture and policies, testing of data/information related developments, software testing & information ethics and information security. Nathalie has spoken at numerous software testing Conferences.

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