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How Integrated Test Management Keeps Swiss Federal Railways on Track

Reading Time: 2 minutes

2018 Real Customer Case Study Winner: Xpand IT

Learn how XRAY helped Swiss Federal Railways move 25,000+ test cases from HP ALM in just 6 months, and paid for itself in only 3 months. 12 years of HP ALM lock-in was no match for XRAY’s cutting-edge UX and integrations into the rest of SBB’s development toolchain. Now, even teams without a prior test management tool come to use XRAY.

Swiss Federal Railway’s used HP ALM for 12 years. It had more than 100,000 test cases, many more test runs and 1.000+ trained employees helped ensure that operations stay on track. However, users started to boycott the tool due to the lack of integration in SBB’s existing toolchain and because of all the communication problems that arouse around using other terms for the same things.”

Besides the general IT problems of a big company like SBB, software testers were facing the typical challenges of IT departments that grew too fast and were forced to have management overhead for controlling these many employees. Strictly sticking to IEEE829, they first had to write a test plan for that specific project or team, quickly realizing the master test plan or overall test strategy was not helping or even forcing them to spend time in ways that would not benefit neither the project during its run time nor the company on the long run.

Join Andreas Wieczorek as he explores that transition, the challenges they faced, and the benefits of using tightly connected tools with the same UX to empower diverse roles and skillsets to work together better than before with a fully integrated Atlassian solution enhanced with a specific tool for Test Management, XRAY.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be surprised how complex the IT landscape of a railway might be and why successful collaboration inside and outside the company is critical
  • Learn by examples how Scrum and other agile methods massively help to enhance the success of teams
  • See how the collaboration between teams (technical and non-technical) can be changed by merely adopting a well-integrated test management tool like XRAY

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Andreas Wieczorek

Andreas Wieczorek has tested software since his first job in parallel to studying computer science in 1998. He went from Tester, Test Engineer and Test Manager at E-Plus (now part of Telefonica) to be a Consultant at Capgemini Consulting, and then to Test Manager again at a swiss IT company, Trivadis.

His career made a permanent change 10 years ago thanks to Scrum. Today he is leading his team of Test Engineers at Swiss Federal Railways SBB and does, whatever of his skills is needed most: Test Consulting, Test Engineering or train others how to do Agile Testing.

He loves new technologies and promotes the agile movement as a way to a better team collaboration and to do those organizational changes that in the end will lead to a better customer experience.

Twitter: @andyw40239

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