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Test Automation at Scale. Happy Stakeholders & Optimal Technologies

Reading Time: 1 minute

Loblaw Digital is an Agile digital agency built to service the online needs of Loblaw Incorporated, Canada’s largest retailer. Spanning four separate brands, Loblaw Digital is responsible for creating and delivering omni-channel experiences across physical and digital channels, including online grocery offerings, traditional e-commerce, loyalty, financial services, and pharmacy products.

Managing so many high-traffic digital properties with numerous updates per week presented a resource intense challenge for Loblaw Digital’s testing team. Loblaw Digital sought a holistic solution that provided automated testing, as well as the processes that would remove bottlenecks and scale testing to meet the demands of a large-scale Agile development team. Find out how the LobLaw Digital team used Test Management for Jira to optimise QA at scale.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why you should embrace developer oriented testing.
  2. How to make non-technical stakeholders happy without adding toil.
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Justin Watts

Justin Watts heads up Productivity Engineering at Loblaw Digital and responsible for building the platforms, processes, and tools that enable developers the build, test, deploy, and operate their services. Justin is a bifurcated combination of computer scientist and anthropologist with a passion for reducing toil, increasing happiness, and getting sh*t done.

Twitter: @Jcommu

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