How to Prevent your Next Software Release Ending in Disaster

Andrew Brown


You have a major release scheduled. You have prepared a comprehensive plan, including contingencies, back-out routes, and go/no-go decision points. Yet, despite all your preparations, it all ends in disaster. You could even see the disaster approaching but were unable to prevent it. Instead, you watched in fascinated horror as unfolding events sucked you and your release into calamity. Release disasters are mostly avoidable. Decision-makers usually have ample information available prior to the go/no-go decision point to show their current plan is no longer viable. They also possess a workable back-out plan and the means to implement it. Yet despite…....

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About Me!

Dr Andrew Brown is a principal consultant at Expleo. He leads an independent line of research into understanding why we humans make the mistakes that lead to software defects.

He has 25 years’ experience in the software industry. Previous roles include Head of QA at HMV, Head of QA at a financial software house, and a test manager in Japan. He holds a degree in Physics and Maths, an MBA from Warwick Business School, and a doctorate from Imperial College.

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