Fantastic Biases & Where to Find Them in Software Development

Michael Kutz & João Proença

REWE Digital Tech & OutSystems

Why did all our test cases fail because of this simple bug? Nobody tried that out before? How did five people agree to implement this terrible feature? Why are our estimates always so far off? There are many possible answers to those questions and none of them will be the whole truth. However, certain common cognitive biases might play a main role in all of the events leading to those questions. We all have them. They help us to think faster, but they also make us less rational than we think we are. They hinder our best judgement! In this…....

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About Me!

Michael Kutz

Michael has been working in professional software development for more than 10 years now. He loves to write working software and hates fixing bugs. Hence he developed a strong focus on test automation, continuous delivery/deployment and agile principals. Since 2014 he has work at REWE Digital as a software engineer and since 2018 as quality engineer. As such his main objective is to support our development teams in QA and test automation to empower them to write awesome bug-free software fast.

João Proença

João Proença comes from Lisbon, Portugal, and is Quality Owner in R&D for OutSystems, a company that provides one of the leading low-code development platforms in the world. He has assumed various roles throughout his career in the past 11 years, including quality assurance, development, customer support and marketing. Finding innovative solutions for difficult problems is what drives him the most, so he is always eager to talk about how professionals are overcoming testing challenges around the world. Outside of IT, João is passionate about songwriting, movies and football. You’ll see him tweet about all of these topics using the @jrosaproenca handle.

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