Daniel Kocot


API development always starts with the old and now boring battle of API or code first. Working with APIs refers to a process that includes design, development, and operations. Thus, DevOps is quickly invoked as the paradigm of choice. However, looking at existing CI/CD processes, the question is how the principles of API first are compatible with these processes and what an appropriate setup can look like. All in terms of speed and quality of an excellent API experience, also with regard to the automated deployment of infrastructure components. Daniel shows in his session how a automated development process of…....

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About Me!

Daniel joined the Codecentric team in Solingen, Germany, in October 2016. Starting as a consultant focusing on Application Lifecycle Management, his focus shifted more and more towards APIs.

In addition to numerous customer projects and his involvement in the open source world around APIs, he is also a frequent speaker as an API expert.

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