RisingSTAR Award Supporters

The software testing community have come together to collectively support new voices in our industry through the RisingSTAR Award. This initiative offers support, mentorship and recognition to rising innovators whose ideas will benefit others in software testing industry, but who are not (yet) widely known in the community. The RisingSTAR winner will be supported with access to expertise from industry mentors known as ‘The Supporters’. This is to help the winner develop their idea and bring it into being.

The RisingSTAR Supporters & Mentors are all experienced testers, each with an incredible network of global connections. They will each provide a half day of mentoring support to the RisingSTAR winner between June 2023 – April 2024. This might be a review of a paper, a brainstorm session, live testing or introducing the winner to key people in their network.

Meet the 2023 RisingSTAR Supporters & Mentors

Jon Bach – USA

Senior Program Manager, Marketing Tech Quality – eBay

Michael Bolton – Canada

Consulting Software Tester – DevelopSense

Mette Bruhn Pedersen
Mette Bruhn-Pedersen – Denmark

Agile Transformation Leader – Safe Journey

Adonis Celestine
Adonis Celestine – Netherlands

Test Architect – Cognizant

Isabel Evans
Isabel Evans – UK

Independent Quality & Testing Consultant

Melissa Fisher
Melissa Fisher – UK

Quality Engineering Manager – EasyJet

Kari Kakkonen
Kari Kakkonen – Finland

Director, Training and Competences – Knowit

Bart Knaack – Netherlands

Test Advisor – Professional Testing

Rob Lambert, Director – Cultivated Management
Rob Lambert – UK

Director – Cultivated Management

James Lyndsay
James Lyndsay – UK

Principal Consultant – Workroom Productions

Simon Mills QA
Simon Mills – Malta

Experienced exponent of automated software testing & QA

Katja Obring RisingSTAR Supporter
Katja Obring – UK

Quality Engineering Coach – Kato Coaching

Fran O'Hara
Fran O’Hara – Ireland

Director – Inspire Quality Services

Gitte Ottosen
Gitte Ottosen – Denmark

Test Manager & Coach – Key2Quality

Amir Shani, Quality Engineering Lead – Meta, Israel
Amir Shani – Israel

Quality Engineering Lead – Meta

Irja Straus RisingSTAR Supporter
Irja Straus – Croatia

Quality Manager – Gideon

Szilard Szell
Szilard Szell – Finland

5G DevOps Transformation Lead – Eficode

RisingSTAR Award Supporter
Henk Van Merode – Netherlands

Test Architect – Air France/KLM

Sanne Visser
Sanne Visser – Netherlands

TestConsultant – Capgemini