Co-Leadership – How Being a Leader is Within Your Reach

Bram Bronneberg


How many of us see ourselves as Leaders? Can you state outright that you are a Leader? Leadership isn’t for the happy few; it’s for all of us. Everyone in the team can and must be a Leader, but you do need to step up to the plate. Scary, isn’t it? A lot of people feel that they aren’t listened to in their team, even when they are the subject matter expert. They have tried to state their views but the team didn’t seem to listen to their point of view. And the frustrating part, the exact thing they warned…....

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About Me!

Bram Bronneberg is a Managing Consultant in Testing & Quality Management whose speciality is Agile and Risk. He assists his customers with their projects and programs by giving them assessments, workshops, coaching, leadership and management. He is a regular speaker at (inter)national seminars.

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