Agile Leadership for Team Members

Selena Delesie

Delesie Solutions

Teams struggle for many reasons, leaving people frustrated, complacent, and content to exist in mediocrity. There is a secret that propels individuals, teams, and entire organisations to be really successful: leadership! Not just executives, managers, or those with leader titles get to lead – everyone does. Even testers. In this webinar, Selena will look at Specific leadership behaviours that make a big impact in any team, by any team member. What these behaviours look like within specific activities to understand how team members can be remarkable leaders. How embracing your inner leader, you will learn how to engage yourself and your team, while improving outcomes in…....

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About Me!

Selena Delesie is an international leadership and transformation coach, keynote speaker, and trainer. She is a trusted guide for technology leaders who seek to improve quality, value, and speed of delivery. Selena is the founder of Lead With Love Global and offers a variety of transformational leadership programs including a virtual leadership conference and exclusive leadership masterminds. Her clients rave about her ability to help leaders break free from traditional business practices to engage the strengths and passions of their team and produce a highly creative, productive and vibrant workforce. Learn more at

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