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As the World Turns; A Predictive Test Approach with Machine Learning

Reading Time: 1 minute

As the world turns, IT world has rushed to adopt agile, DevOps and newer ways to release new features to production as soon as possible. With changes becoming the norm of the day, the role of testers and the way we do testing has also changed significantly over the years.

Key Takeaways:

  • A gentle introduction to Machine Learning
  • How Machine Learning can be used in Quality Assurance
  • How can we assure quality of intelligent machines


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Adonis Celestine

Adonis lives in the Netherlands and is involved in assuring quality for leading customers in a fast, up scaled environment for more than a decade. He is passionate about making testing simpler and more interesting for everyone in the team. He embraces change and bringing in innovation and technology to his daily work is his forte.

Adonis realises the potential of Artificial Intelligence and is excited about the positive impact it could bring to our lives. He has helped his team overcome & monitor quality issues with intelligent bots and machine learning. LinkedIn: Adonis Celestine

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