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‘I am Groot’ – Learning Agile Testing

Date of Webinar: 13/06/2018

Reading Time: 1 minute

Everybody’s talking about continuous learning and how essential it is for a tester. You have to keep growing, keep stretching yourself, keep exploring new worlds so as not to miss the forest for the trees. But how do you actually do that and grow on a daily basis? How can you become a better tester? And what about learning as a team, company, community?

Join this webinar and hear the lessons I would have liked to hear 9 years ago when falling into testing. I will share my personal experience, pieces of wisdom I picked up on my way, as well as concrete tips on how to constantly reinvent yourself and the world around you. We are Groot!

Key Takeaways:

  • Get hands-on tips & resources on how to learn, grow, and flourish every day
  • Overcome your fears and foster a safe environment for learning
  • Enhance your growth by sharing your lessons learned
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Elisabeth Hocke

About Elisabeth Hocke

Having graduated in sinology, Lisi fell into agile and testing in 2009 and has been infected with the agile bug ever since. She’s especially passionate about the whole-team approach to testing and quality as well as the agile culture mindset behind it. Building great products which deliver value together with great people is what motivates her and keeps her going. She received a lot from the agile testing community; now she’s sharing her stories to give something of her experience back to the community. She tweets as @lisihocke and blogs at In her free time you can either find her in the gym running after a volleyball, having a good time with her friends or delving into games and stories of any kind.

One comment to ‘I am Groot’ – Learning Agile Testing

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