How Cegeka Manages Testing for their Client Projects

Filip Baert & Mariana Santos

Cegeka & Xray

In this webinar you will learn how Xray was used to improve QA and Testing processes in several businesses simultaneously while improving the collaboration between Cegeka, a Belgium IT Company and their customers and contributing to Cegeka’s quality of projects delivered. Cegeka was facing some issues while working in projects with their clients regarding lack of testing processes. While working with several businesses from different industries their main issue was to find testing processes and a test management tool that could be used by Cegeka and their clients. They needed a test management tool that would be easy and fast…....

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About Me!

Filip Baert – Cegeka

I’ve been working in testing for 20 years now, first as a tester, after that as a test consultant and coordinator, and the last years as a test manager. My interest goes out to the human aspect of testing rather than the technical part. In the last years, I’ve been leading the testing part of multiple large ERP implementations, where business users do the actual testing.

Mariana Santos – Xray

I’m the Content Marketing Manager for Xray. I’m responsible for implementing and promoting content that reflects the most important topics for the testing community. I focus on highlighting crucial subjects from the software testing and quality ecosystem and communicating them continuously.



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