How do the Global 500 approach API testing?

Peter Thomas

Karate Labs

Have you ever wondered if your teams should be doing more API testing? Do you have trouble convincing your development team to embrace tests that represent end-user flows?

While it is true that UI automation is important and, in many cases, indispensable, we will explore why API testing can supplement or even fulfil the bulk of your regression test strategy. API testing proves to be far easier than UI automation, providing a higher ROI (Return on Investment) when the right tooling is used.

It is widely discussed that teams struggle with the following:
▪ Flaky tests
▪ Keeping up with the pace of development “in-sprint”
▪ Maintainability
▪ Functional Regression Coverage
▪ Performance Testing

It is easy to discuss things we can “touch and feel”. The user-interface is naturally how teams start thinking about testing the system from a user-acceptance point of view. Things that are hidden away behind the scenes tend to be overlooked or even forgotten in the pursuit of quality-assurance. When the inherent complexity of UI automation is taken out of the equation, automation can proceed at a fast clip, with teams able to achieve “in-sprint” test-automation. So “Should you be doing more API testing?”

There is misconception that API Testing is:
• much harder than UI automation.
• requires more programming knowledge.
• and does not achieve enough functional coverage.

Join us for this webinar to hear from two of our Global 500 customers on how much of your tests should be API vs. UI.

The audience will get a head-start on API test-automation success.

About Me!

Peter Thomas

Peter is recognized as one of the world’s top experts in test-automation. He brings 25 years of industry experience from which he has been in open source for the last 18 years. He has worked at Yahoo and Intuit. As part of the API platform leadership at Intuit, Peter created “Karate” an open-source unified test automation platform for API testing, API Performance testing, API Mocks and UI testing. Peter was one of only 15 chosen by GitHub for a grant in India 2021.

He co-founded Karate Labs Inc in Nov’21 to accelerate the adoption of Karate with the mission of making test automation fun and collaborative. Karate Labs is a Y Combinator backed company.



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