Navigating The Brave New World Of API Testing

Karate Labs

Karate Labs

Have you ever wondered if your teams should be doing more API testing? Do you have trouble convincing your development team to embrace tests that represent end-user flows? Read this e-book to get answers to these questions and more. Navigating the Brave New World of API Testing’ distils years of software development and testing experience into one handy reference. Packed with insights forged out of working in the trenches, this eBook will give you and your teams a head-start in the journey to API test-automation success. Karate Labs was born out of one of the most popular open-source test-automation projects…....

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About Me!

Karate Labs is an industry leading open-source test automation solution unifying API & UI test automation. What started as a powerful, scriptable framework combining API and UI test automation, is adopted as a best-practice today – in teams around the world. Karate has 6900 GitHub stars and is used by 415+ companies including 42 of the Fortune 500 companies.

Karate Labs has its own Domain Specific Language, which is better suited to writing tests, with 60% less code and in one-fourth the time. Karate also has powerful assertions, runs tests in parallel, and can re-use API tests as performance tests.

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