Is There A Risk

Ard Kramer


If I wake you up in the middle of the night, are you able to tell me, as a good tester, what risks are still applicable in your system under test? And what impact these risks can have when this software goes to production? Although I never had to wake my testers up, in many cases they couldn’t answer the question! In my opinion; covering risks is underestimated because we don’t like the subject: it is too abstract, sometimes too philosophical or negative. While on the other hand if we have to deal with problems in production because we underestimated…....

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About Me!

Ard is a principal Test consultant at Alten IT since 2008 and started as a tester in 1997. He is focused on new developments in testing and looks how innovations can be used in testing. Therefore he was a speaker at different conferences, such as EuroStar, Sigist, Testnet, Expo:QA, CAST and the Belgium Testing Days.

He likes to have a broad view on testing and therefore he uses the knowledge and experiences form other fields of expertise. For example: sports. Ard has many years of experience as a sport coach (volleyball). As a sport coach, he must keep up with the latest developments and therefore he followed a course “sport psychology”. With this knowledge he saw a connection how to improve as a tester and therefore he wants to present his insights to the testing community.

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