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Jonathon Wright


The Testing landscape is changing forever, the traditional approach to providing business value through testing is constantly being challenged. So businesses need to constantly re-examine the real value of testing services as an integral part of their overall delivery capabilities. The tendency has been to rely on complex hybrid resourcing models made up of internal resourcing and/or external resourcing (near shore, mid shore and off shore), to strive for Testing Centres of Excellence (TCOE). The question is: are traditional Testing as a Function (TaaF) as part of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) model still valid? Or weather Testing as an…....

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About Me!

Jonathon has over 15 years of international automation experience with a number of global organizations; including Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, Hitachi Consulting, Thomson Reuters, Xerox, New Zealand Lotteries Commission, Unisys and Siemens. He’s a serial blogger on Test Automation as a Service (TaaaS.net).

Jonathon also contributed to the best-selling book Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation, Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster, and a number of eBook’s on Testing as a Service models (epistemic & systemic entropy), Advanced UFT 12 for Test Engineers Cookbook (testing-store.com) and API testing in the cloud (service & network virtualisation).

He is the founder of Automation Development Services (Automation.org.uk) as well as presenting at various international testing conferences, such as Gartner (London), STARWest (California), STAREast (Orlando), Fusion (Sydney), ANZTB (Melbourne), EuroSTAR (Gothenburg and Dublin), HP Discover (Las Vegas and Barcelona), ADM (Prague and Istanbul), BCS SIGIST and Unicom (London) further detail about Jonathon can be found at (www.linkedin.com/in/automation).

Twitter: @Jonathon_Wright

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