Testers Shape and Influence the Conversation

Ryan Volker


In many industries, software testing is frequently overlooked and underappreciated by senior managers. It is a vital quality component but, unfortunately, typically seen as the last step standing in the way of a new launch.  Testers can change this and shape the conversation by applying five tips. You might have the newest testing tools, techniques and technology.  But without senior management support, testing acceptance is just a happy accident. Key Takeaways: Learn five tips to turbocharge your influence and win over key stakeholders. Enhance your value and re-energize your personal brand. Gain practical advice of success and stumbles from the…....

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About Me!

My experience spans over 17 years in banking across both sides of the Atlantic. I cut my teeth in U.S. Banking Operations and Online Product Management before launching a first-ever, multi-national testing department for one of the larger banks in Germany. The focus was squarely on identifying and delivering testing strategies for mobile, multi-channel and multi-platform banking products.

I spent over a decade leading subject experts to driving technology solutions and process improvement for sales, operations, and product departments. I offer practical advice of success and stumbles from the trenches of managing and connecting Testers, Business, IT, and Senior Management.

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