Journey from Rookie Tester to Senior Test Automation Expert

Jani Haapala

Qentinel Oy

Winner of most popular track at the 2018 EuroSTAR Conference as voted by the delegates. Testing used to be a phase in software processes, now it’s a continuous task. Jani started his career as a manual tester over a decade ago and have then evolved to the test automation expert. In the future it’s not enough to be a MacGyver, capable of solving one’s way out of the situation with improvisation, few good tools and knowledge. Instead of that one needs more of Horatio Cane and the CSI team to methodically investigate whole crime scene and gather evidence about everything.…....

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About Me!

Automation specialist, quality consultant, tester, developer, dad, husband. Passionate about building and providing continuous automated quality feedback loops.

Jani Haapala is Delivery Lead at Qentinel. He spends his time conjuring up ways to help customers achieve their goals and supporting Qentinel consultants as they deliver the best solutions to meet customers’ needs. He is a dedicated DevOps advocate and evangelist who has been spreading the word in the software industry for well over a decade.

Whether its personal hobby or business case, home controlling or large software project, Jani thinks that automation can help everybody and increase value in anything.

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