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Leaving Breadcrumbs; An Agile Journey Towards Requirement Storytelling

Reading Time: 1 minute

Storytelling is a well-known term in testing as well as in other areas. This e-book tells the story of how one company increased their quality of delivery when they used the unknown to their advantage, stopped asking customer for requirements they could not give them and instead started telling their story.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use storytelling to define and understand what is expected in a delivery and set expectations on all levels of the customer (and your own) organisation
  • How to use retrospectives on a project level and run a separate project for improvements in order to make use of them in upcoming projects
  • How to encourage team members, business people and project managers to participate in the entire quality process and to tell you their ideas


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Mia Johnson

Mia has worked with all sorts of testing, educated customers in the importance of testing, outlining test strategies and acted as Test Manager in all kinds of areas. The last ten or so years she has worked in agile projects, adapting processes and ways of working within test and verification for complex systems. Currently she is QA Manager at Data Ductus, where she is responsible for test and QA strategies both on a project- and company level and work with customer communication to spread the word on QA. Test management is also a big part of every-day work. Mia is also a storyteller, engaged in the local storytelling society. She likes bringing those two worlds together.

Twitter: @falamh

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