Test Process Improvement – How Hard Can It Be?

Geoff Thompson

Experimentus Ltd

Over the last 20 years Geoff has been involved in many Test Process Improvement projects. Today the amount of change and improvement going on in testing is growing, so this is still a very important part of what we have to do. However, so many times we hear people complaining that they can’t calculate any benefits, that testers won’t change and why do I need to deliver quick wins? This presentation looks at how to make any improvement project a success, and it does this by using some fun case study examples looking at how Geoff has seen things go wrong,…....

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About Me!

Geoff is the Consultancy Director for Experimentus, a quality consultancy based in the UK and working globally. He has a real passion for software testing. He is a founder member of the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB), the TMMi Foundation, and the UK Testing Board and is currently the Secretary of the ISTQB and Chairman of The UK Testing Board. He co-authored the BCS book Software Testing – An ISEB/ISTQB foundation. In 2008 Geoff was awarded the European Testing Excellence Award, and in 2015 he was awarded the Software Testing European Lifetime Achievement award. He also was the Chair for EuroSTAR 2011

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