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Taking the Risk of Failure out of Process Improvement

Reading Time: 1 minute

Many organisation decide to review their test processes and then look to improve them, but how many are ever seen as successful and the improvements get fully implemented. In a lot of cases someone senior pulls the plug on the work before it is complete. Why, perhaps because they have stopped seeing any value in the changes. Or maybe I should ask ‘How many have a solution that is seen as successful by anyone outside of the improvement team?’ I met a guy recently who had been improving his processes for 5 years without any management buy in or knowledge. He was very pleased as he felt he had really made a difference, but if no one noticed did he really do anything of value – it’s questionable?

As a person who has managed many process improvement projects I can safely say that it is a significant risk to put yourself in a position of championing/managing change without any structure surrounding where you are, where you want to get to and what the benefits are. Within Software Testing this seems more apparent than I have seen in many other IT disciplines. Far too many test improvement projects fail to deliver any benefit, or at least any benefit outside of testing, in most instances with better planning and structure they could have been real successes.

During this webinar, Geoff takes you through a structured approach to Test Process Improvement, providing real case study evidence of where the approach has shown real value (return on investment) not only internally to the test team, but also to the organisation as a whole.

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Geoff Thompson

Geoff is the Consultancy Director for Experimentus, a quality consultancy based in the UK and working globally. He has a real passion for software testing. He is a founder member of the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB), the TMMi Foundation, and the UK Testing Board and is currently the Secretary of the ISTQB and Chairman of The UK Testing Board. He co-authored the BCS book Software Testing – An ISEB/ISTQB foundation. In 2008 Geoff was awarded the European Testing Excellence Award, and in 2015 he was awarded the Software Testing European Lifetime Achievement award. He also was the Chair for EuroSTAR 2011

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