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Exploring the Relationships between Testing ROI, Testing Risk and Testing Maturity

Reading Time: 1 minute

In this 45 minute webinar, Ian Howles will discuss how to explore the practical relationships between Testing ROI, Testing Risk and Testing Maturity. He will be detailing the links between the three items, the context of each and how they impact each other. Everyone has heard and understands that early testing is cost efficient but in order to realise the ROI of early testing the exercising organisation(s) need to have reached a level of maturity. There are many complex inter dependencies that are rarely exposed to ensure that the simple “Test Early, Reduce Costs” mantra is met.

In the talk Ian will use many such examples as building a shed on a concrete base is ok but you would not do the same for a skyscraper! You do not build a house on quicksand, so why apply test automation to bad testing practices?

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