Growing Pains – Lessons Learned from the Incredible Rise and Collapse of WCW

Chris Armstrong

Testing Peers

Can you think of anything that once was so huge, that a future without it seemed implausible? That was me in the 1990s with pro-wrestling’s hottest property, WCW (World Championship Wrestling).Come 2001, the company and its assets were bought for a fraction of their net worth. How could something so huge, full of potential, making money hand-over-fist to end up being out of business, and what lessons could apply here to us in software development? The answer is eye-opening. Join me as we look at the lessons learned from countless accounts and how we can learn more on the subjects…....

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About Me!

Having worked in software quality roles since 2004, Chris specializes in strategic test leadership. Through the years, he has worked with and led testing teams, and has learnt the skills needed to overcome many challenges faced by team leads and test managers. Chris is passionate about quality; people, processes, and products. He is an active member of the global software testing community and co-host of both the popular podcast “Testing Peers” and the monthly YouTube stream “9 out of 10 Testers”. Chris loves to engage with new people – facilitating events and interesting discussions is his bag.

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