A Whole Team Approach to Testing in DevOps

Lisa Crispin


“DevOps” seems to be missing the word “Test”, though test is part of “Dev”. DevOps is all about supporting frequent delivery of small, valuable changes to production in a way that is routine and undramatic. DevOps is a hot buzzword, but many teams struggle with how testing fits in, keeps up, and contributes to the DevOps culture. How do we squeeze every possible testing activity into our deployment pipeline? In this talk, Lisa will demystify testing in DevOps by explaining basic terminology and concepts. She will introduce tools and frameworks that help teams learn how to do the testing activities…....

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About Me!

Lisa Crispin is co-author of Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams and Extreme Testing and a contributor to Beautiful Testing. Lisa has worked as a tester on agile teams for the past ten years and enjoys sharing her experiences via writing, presenting, teaching, and participating in agile testing communities around the world. Visit www.lisacrispin.com.

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