Digital Transformation, Testing and Automation

Paul Gerrard 

Gerrard Consulting

The Digital Transformation is real. It is having a profound effect on how business is done and the nature of the systems required to deliver productive customer experiences and consequent business benefits. The demand for flexible and rapid delivery of software and systems is there. Software development teams can deliver if they adopt the disciplines of Continuous Delivery, DevOps and in-production experimentation. The barrier to achieving success in the software delivery process is likely to be the inability of testers to align testing and automated testing in particular to the development processes. Our track record in test automation is not…....

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About Me!

Paul is a consultant, teacher, author, webmaster, programmer, tester, conference speaker, rowing coach and publisher. He has conducted consulting assignments in all aspects of software testing and quality assurance, specialising in test assurance. He has presented keynote talks and tutorials at testing conferences across Europe, the USA, Australia, South Africa and occasionally won awards for them.

Educated at the universities of Oxford and Imperial College London, he is a Principal of Gerrard Consulting Limited, the host of the UK Test Management Forum and the Programme Chair for the 2014 EuroSTAR testing conference.

In 2010 he won the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award and in 2013 he won the inaugural TESTA Lifetime Achievement Award.

He’s been programming since the mid-1970s and loves using the Python programming language.

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