DevOps Uncovered

Mat Rule & Stevan Zivanovic


It seems like everyone has a different answer to the question, “What is DevOps?”. A quick online search reveals that DevOps is understood as — a culture, a movement and a practice. Needless to say, it’s challenging to understand what DevOps is without learning from people who are doing it. Infuse decided to get the opinions of four industry leaders who are all involved with DevOps; three are from tier 1 consulting companies and one is from Jet2, which is embarking on the deployment of DevOps in their organisation. They represent a good cross-section of the industry and their varying views on DevOps illustrate how…....

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About Me!

Mat Rule is an Associate Principal Consultant who works with Infuse. He works across the technology industry, consulting mostly in and around the testing field. Mat is a co-founder of Tocalabs, a robotic test company producing an automation platform (

Stevan Zivanovic – With over 23 years’ experience in defining, advising on and delivering programme-wide testing and Agile solutions to enterprise-wide delivery programmes, Stevan is responsible for the delivery of all Infuse consultancy services

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