Reality Check: The Role of Manual Testing in DevOps

Ingo Philipp


With the growing pressure of digital disruption, enterprises find themselves facing the need for speed—and change. DevOps has emerged to enable this change and help speed up time to market and cross-team collaboration. As a result, DevOps has transformed how we test and our daily testing routines. But what does this mean for manual testing? Have you made the decision to use it or lose it? View this webinar to learn why the adoption of DevOps doesn’t mean the death of manual testing. Key Takeaways: What DevOps means for the future of manual testing and UI test automation How teams…....

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About Me!

Ingo Philipp, Distinguished Evangelist at Tricentis, champions the methodologies, best practices, and technologies at the core of the company’s Continuous Testing solution. His insights on rethinking software testing and passion for elevating the role of the software tester have made him a sought-after speaker/author across the global software testing community. In his previous position as a senior product manager at Tricentis, he orchestrated the development and product marketing for exploratory testing, test management, test conception, test design, and test automation technologies. Before Ingo entered the multifaceted world of software testing and development, he worked as a theoretical astrophysicist in the field of high-energy particle physics and computational fluid dynamics at the University of Vienna and the Berlin Institute for Technology. He holds a Master of Science degree.

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