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Creating Agility at Different Speeds: A whitepaper on Adoption of the Agile testing process

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Agile development and testing have quickly become the foundation of lean, smart companies. These days everyone wants to be an Agile company. Agile adoption has plateaued however, because enterprises are hitting a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Most large enterprises are made up of a combination of two systems: their fast paced Systems of Engagement, and their foundational Systems of Records. While Systems of Engagement are easy to test using Agile methodology, Systems of Record’s slower development and release pace present a different challenge.


What is the solution?

Read the “Creating Agility at Different Speeds” white paper to learn how you can adjust the speed of your Agile development and testing, making it possible to adopt Agile Methodology into every one of your projects.


About Wolfgang Platz

Wolfgang Platz brings over 20 years of technology experience to Tricentis. Wolfgang founded Tricentis in 2008 as a testing consultancy and laid the cornerstone for the development of our enterprise software testing product, Tosca Testsuite. Today, he is responsible for global product management, R&D and delivery of product-related support and services to our customers.

Prior to Tricentis, Wolfgang was at Capgemini as a group head of IT development for one of the world’s largest IT insurance-development projects. There, he was responsible for architecture and implementation of life insurance policies and project management for several projects in banks.

Wolfgang holds a Master’s degree in Technical Physics as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Vienna University of Technology.


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