The 3-pillar, balanced quality model of Proactive QA, Detective QA and Reactive QA

Szilard Szell

Eficode, Finland

Learn about this Quality Model that can be used to communicate the advance of the profession, the used practices and tools, and the mindsets needed to drive high quality within the organisations to achieve Business Agility.....

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About Me!

Szilard is a DevOps Transformation Lead, Test Coach and SAFe 6.0 SPC at Eficode. He has years of experience with DevOps transformation especially in the telco industry. He also worked as a team lead, assessor, trainer, facilitator, and coach in test automation and testing process improvement areas.

Szilard is very much involved in the testing community. He is active in the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) working groups and a member of the Hungarian Software Testing Board (HTB). For many years, Szilard have been working on and supporting conferences like HUSTEF, UCAAT, and EuroSTAR, and Eficode’s very own The DevOps Conference (TDOC). In his personal life, he enjoys kayaking on the sea, playing with LEGO and being tested by his teenage daughter 🙂

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