La Cucaracha: Revolutionising Bug Management with AI

Anaïs van Asselt

Choco, Germany

Ever felt overwhelmed by the endless cycle of bug management? At the startup Choco, we spend countless hours of triaging, assigning, and back-and-forth communicating about bugs, only to discover that half of them don’t even need a fix. Apart from these efforts, the daily bug duty responsibility added up to over 7 hours per month; a significant burden for any startup. How can we automate bug assignment and streamline the bug management process? Enter ‘La Cucaracha’, born from a hackathon, based on a Mexican folk song and powered by AI technology. It automatically assigns each bug to the best suitable…....

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About Me!

Anaïs is a test automation engineer, coach, and enthusiast. Over 9 years, she gained a lot of perspective at a variety of organisations, and (test automation) tooling, both frontend and backend. In pursuit of sustainable test automation, she applies a context-driven approach, Bruce Lee Driven Development, and joins forces with developers. Last year she started her mission at Choco in Berlin to build a sustainable supply chain, and reduce food waste worldwide. Challenge accepted!

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