Would We Hire Einstein?

Karin Thorvaldsson

Saab, Sweden

How do we benefit most from the people thinking differently? We often choose to socialise with people that behave and think like us. You’ve probably heard the expression ‘to surround yourself with Yes men’. But how does that help us develop? We’re most successful when we work with people that are not like us. People that will question our ideas, and think with new perspectives. They make us rethink, and together we can reach further than we could on our own. This is valid for all of us, but what about the people who are outside the ‘normal’ range? And…....

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About Me!

I have worked as a tester, test leader, project leader, manager, discipline driver, business developer, researcher, educator and specialist in 6 different companies during the last 25 years. I have worked in big companies including Ericsson, Volvo, and Saab. I’ve also worked in small companies, and always with testing. I have been a permanent employee, consultant, and self-employed, so I have met many people, seen several different organizations and leaders, and gathered a lot of experience. I have a great interest in leadership and coaching. I like to see people grow, support them in their challenges, and create the right conditions so that we can all do good work. Leaders who can inspire their employees, make them feel comfortable, feel that they are doing important work, and strive towards the same goal – they can lift an entire company.

I am also the mother of a son with high-functioning autism. I get to see the benefits of thinking differently – every day. I know it takes understanding and adaptation from other people, but with the right approach, employing these nerds is good business.

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