Quality & Testing of Artificial Intelligence

Sander Mol/Peter Collewijn/Hannie van Kooten


This eBook is a guide to the world of AI testing and implementation. The authors will bring you on a journey to explore the AI test process to help you shape the process with clear, expert advice that you will find provided in this eBook. Learn how to to stimulate further developments in AI quality and testing including the long-term development of best practices and the development of new methods of testing. Across eight chapters this eBook will explore algorithms, Machine Learning, autonomous AI, ethics for AI, non-fictional aspects of Machine Learning, AI testing and AI testing in practice. Explore…....

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About Me!

This eBook was written as part of the TestNet working group on Testing and AI in cooperation with other members.


Sander Mol

Since 2005 Sander has performed test management assignments at several banks and insurance companies via Capgemini. In 2012 he joined the Unirobe Meeùs Groep in the permanent position of overall test manager; a really versatile job that covered all aspects of the testing profession. In 2017 he was ready to explore a new branch and shifted his attention to health care, starting at Erasmus MC (via Salves) implementing HiX.

Peter Collewijn

Peter is an IT consultant with a wide range of interests and capabilities. He has worked in several industries in several roles. Most often in the world of ERP Systems.

He has a keen understanding of the business part, the functional part and the technical part of a software project and has a several ISTQB advanced certificates.

For the last two years Peter is focusing on a new upcoming market: Testing AI systems. Also, for this market he wants to understand the functional and the technical part and has trained himself in Python, TensorFlow and AI related tests and test processes.

Hannie Van Kooten

Hannie has worked as a test specialist, manager and security officer. Interested in innovation. Member of Workgroup testing and ai.

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