Automation vs. Intelligence – “Come With Me, if You Want to Live”

Viktor Slavchev


Have you ever heard the story that your job is automatable, that all the human testers will be replaced by machines or automated tests and you will lose your job? Or even worse, that machines and artificial intelligence will take over our craft and our life and we will be totally useless. Do you buy these? Are you afraid? “Come with me, if you want to live”  – this was the famous line that many members of the Human resistance in the Terminator franchise used, when offering their help in the war against Skynet. So, come with me (and John…....

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About Me!

I am a tester with background in social science, so you will very often see me speak and write about testing and science or testing as a science. You will also hear me talk about epistemology, sociology, logic, philosophy, but don’t be scared, I am doing it simply to add more dimensions and colour to your understanding about it.

To me testing is interdisciplinary, multi-layer, multi-dimensional craft with one solid foundation – human intellect. Anything else comes as an extension to this.

I am currently working as a Senior QA at Siteground and part time lecturer in Pragmatic and my interests are in the area of heavy-weight critical thinking, giving the better story of testing and morphing exploratory testing and automation. If you are interested on my views on testing and want to read some more of my thoughts, you can visit my blog:

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