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How Manual Testers Can Help With Automation Efforts

Reading Time: 1 minute

As a manual software tester, you might think test automation is someone else’s job. But even as a manual tester, you can help with test automation efforts in several ways especially if your team is using Cucumber. First, you can be willing to read the English-friendly test scripts created in the “Given When Then” (GWT) format. As you review the automated test scripts, you can contribute ideas and possibly look to write scripts in the future. Second, you can start reading the more “code-like step definitions” behind the Cucumber scripts to understand what and how the GWT scripts run. Third, you can gain an appreciation for the work of test automation writers and that support can help move test automation efforts forward. And as you read more and more of the scripts and code, you can continue to offer ideas, suggest other items for automation – even if you don’t become a test script writer!

In this webinar, Karen reviews some of the roadblocks that face automation so that as a team tester – whether your focus is manual testing or automation, you can help move your team’s testing efforts forward.

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Karen Johnson

Karen N. Johnson is an independent software test consultant. Her client work is often centered on helping organizations at an enterprise level. In recent years, she has helped companies transitioning to Agile software development. While focused on software testing and predominantly working with the testers throughout an organization, Karen helps teams and organizations improve quality overall. Her professional activities include speaking at conferences both in the US and internationally.

Karen is a contributing author to the book, Beautiful Testing by O’Reilly publishers. She is the co-founder of the WREST workshop, the Workshop for Regulated Software Testing. She has published numerous articles; she blogs and tweets about her experiences. Find her on Twitter as @karennjohnson (note the two n’s) and her website:

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