Harnessing low-code test automation at Futuru to release quality software at speed and scale

Andrea Hallewell


Futuru is on a mission to disrupt the healthcare education space by offering free online training to nurses and care workers globally. In 2022, they had a challenge that is not too uncommon – they had to release their app fast, but did not want to have the QA team dependent on developers to be able to automate. On top, in the highly regulated world of healthcare, releasing high quality software was extremely critical. To support high quality and a high velocity SDLC, the QA team at Futuru evaluated and implemented low code test automation to ensure the app was launched bug free.

With the power of low-code test automation, the QA team enabled a launch timeline of just around 3 months, while achieving a high degree of automation. Today, Futuru is used by over 70000 healthcare workers globally to access free training material and all this is backed by a test automation platform that is fully automated, supports CI/CD and most importantly consists of test cases written in plain, simple English.

Attend this webinar by Andrea Hallewell, QA Manager at Futuru who evaluated and implemented low code test automation to learn..

  • Key challenges faced by the QA team at Futuru
  • Evaluation criteria and process
  • How they achieved tight integration with the codebase
  • Learnings and pitfalls to avoid

When: Tuesday 23th, April. 11:00 CEST


About Me!

Andrea Hallewell is QA Manager at Futuru and has more than 2 decades of experience in the world of QA in various organizations like JP Morgan, Betfair etc. Andrea lives in UK with her family and when she’s not working, she’s found out on the water, paddle boarding, sailing and walks in the forest

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