Fight Inconspicuousness: How Visibility Can Increase Quality In Testing

Sérgio Freire & Cristiano Cunha


How much inconspicuousness do you have in your organisation, teams and processes? Are you even aware of those inconspicuous areas? Do you know that they can affect quality in testing? Acknowledging and unveiling these blind spots on the way teams are organised, use/adopt technology or interact with other teams, will increase collaboration, trust, quality and speed of delivery. Do you have siloed teams? Do you need to check several tools to get the overall status of the project? These and more issues will get uncovered and addressed. We will go over the basic foundations you need to have in place…....

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About Me!

Sérgio Freire is a solution architect and testing advocate, working closely with many teams worldwide from distinct yet highly demanding sectors (Automotive, Health, and Telco among others) to help them achieve great, high-quality, testable products. By understanding how organisations work, their needs, context and background, processes and quality can be improved, while development and testing can “merge” towards a common goal: provide the best product that stakeholders need.

Cristiano Cunha is a solution architect and testing advocate, focused on helping teams and organizations to reach the best process that is suitable for them. Taking advantage of his knowledge on the delivery lifecycle and the ability to understand organisations, Cristiano helps identify challenges to deliver in a more sustainable, safe, fast and repeatable way.

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