Is Testing Like Electricity?

Phil Royston


EuroSTAR 2023 Virtual Day was an event to share ideas, knowledge, inspiration and to connect as a community. Its talks covered the strategic importance of testing, the quality engineering strategy, valuable techniques for better efficiency in your work, neurodivergency in the testing world, the value of continuously learning from mistakes and not accepting complacency, leveraging feedback processes, well-balanced teams, and why humans become vulnerable to Plan Continuation Bias. In this talk, Phil Royston shares: Is testing as electricity? The presentation’s main message is that the stable, reliable, and quality supply of software testing is vital in the modern world and…....

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About Me!

Phil is an experienced Test Manager and Test Consultant with 20 years of experience. He has helped a number of major organizations in their IT and digital transformations. He is the co-founder of Tesena and supports the company and its staff in changing the testing world.

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